Wednesday, July 27, 2016

stags and hounds...

I've lots to catch up on. Am behind but diligently working on my BOM and took a wonderful workshop with one of my quilt idols last week but feel so saddened by the news in our crazy world that writing about quilting seems a bit trivial. Found this beautiful 1870's antique quilt that sums up it all up perfectly. Reminiscent of Matisse's paper collages, the appliqued upper half portrays a peaceful scene of a tree of life surrounded by flying doves. The lower depicts deer being hunted by hounds.  Can't think of a better image in fabric depicting the duality of light and dark/beauty and horror in our lives these days...

Le Cauchemar de l'elephant- Matisse


  1. You're so right that the antique quilt is reminiscent of Matisse's paper collages. It's a beautiful quilt and has a sense of joy about it.

    1. Take a second look. Joy for the dogs and the doves... Not so much for the deer:)

  2. It's a beautiful Quilt. I like to think they are all running wild, being happy!