Sunday, May 8, 2016

can't get away from the quilting...

When I started sewing it was all about garment making. Realized how much quilting has taken over when I pulled out my serger/overlocker this week and it was somewhat alien to work with. I'm taking this great course online to try to invigorate my wardrobe. Bought a bunch of knit fabric only to notice afterwards how incredibly "quilty" all the prints are!

Above is Hilco's "Pomona" which is very evocative of modern patchwork. Hilco knits are beautiful quality German fabrics which can be hard to source in North America. Am thrilled to find a Canadian company L'oiseau Fabrics (that's The Bird in English) specializing in European fabrics of many kinds. While predominantly catering to sewing for children this site has some beautiful options for adults. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with dressing like an oversized toddler. They are not inexpensive so I'm cutting up and reconstructing some cheap t-shirts to practice before I cut into the good stuff...

May end up looking like a moving QuiltCon entry!

Lastly, to a very special person... Happy Mother's Day!!! xox


  1. I've been interested in Marcy Tilton's patterns, but have never given it a try. Too many ugly results with garments in the past. Your idea of cutting up old t-shirts to try it out is fantastic. Maybe you'll give me the courage to try making my own tunics.

    1. Thanks LeeAnn! Have thrifted a bunch of t shirts and it turned out to me the right move as I really need the practice. You should give it a go! It's fun to shake things up a bit in the sewing department. Let's see if anything turns out wearable:)