Monday, February 1, 2016

Ombre Olé...

One of the advantages of having a niche passion by mainstream standards is that friends and family tend to give me textile-related gift certificates for Christmas and my January birthday. Am so excited that these beauties arrived guilt free today:) They are the Ombre solids from VandCo. The colour gradient in each hue from light to dark makes the eye bounce around in the most delightful way. They are a super alternative to conventional solids with greater visual texture and a depth that looks like sueded silk but is as smooth as conventional cotton. I can see them in many kinds of quilts- modern ones but also traditional applique with lots of shaded flowers and in apparel too. Not sure what they will become but am enjoying petting them lovingly...


  1. So pretty. You'll have fun with these!

    1. Thought I was pretty jaded about fabric but these are dreamy!