Thursday, October 29, 2015

granny square...

On the TV show's technical survey which is, as it sounds, the outing where all the heads of departments confer on the logistics of shooting, M. met a young Dutch woman in the most beautiful coat patterned in a granny square print. He spoke with her about how much I love textiles but didn't ask to take a photo of it because he didn't want to seem creepy. Well it was meant to be because a couple of days later, he saw the same girl. This is an extraordinary coincidence as they were in a different part of a city of millions. This time he got an image but sadly not her name. Thank you lovely visitor from Holland!

Below is an actual crocheted granny square coat made by this talented person inspired by this one. Playing with the colours would be so much fun. It is tempting to learn how to crochet. Perhaps a Sophie Digard scarf is a better idea and would be more flattering on someone rounder and less vertically enhanced. In any case, the look is Boho at its most fun. Granny square clothing... Yeah or No Way?! Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

rwanda meets greece....

Today is a show and tell of some beautiful African fabrics. My amazing friend Katie spent a month in the summer in Rwanda volunteering with DODA. This non-profit organization teaches the widows and orphans who survived the Rwandan genocide how to sew and thus create a source of employment.
Very generously she gave me these gorgeous fabrics from the market in Kimironko. Trying in vain to tidy up, they were stacked against Anna Maria Horner's new collection of Loominous. AMH's fabrics are highly saturated woven cottons subtly shot with lurex inspired by the hand loomed pieces of her Greek family heritage. This turned out to be a happy accident of juxtaposition as these two groupings look great together!