Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween...

Have never been particularly drawn to a black and orange color combination in a quilt but this golden antique cigar store ribbon one from Laura Fisher is gorgeous. Am also taken with these Halloween prints from Maywood. I love the way the second fabric looks like a conventional damask but upon closer inspection is made up of intertwining ghouls, skulls and pumpkins. To those that celebrate- Have a Happy Halloween!

"Ghouls Night Out"

 "Orange Ghost"

 My 3 year old sister and I back in the day Halloween 70's style...


  1. Aw, you and your sister make very cute witches. Gorgeous old quilt and fabric. Thanks!

    1. Thanks LeeAnn! We've both retained witchy elements well into adulthood:) Might have to make a version of that antique quilt...