Wednesday, October 23, 2013

eat or sew...

Grown-up life is intruding on creative fun but there is still lots of late at night armchair designing going on around here. My best friend is doing a degree in culinary arts and wants to know if I can try and replicate these laser cut nori sheets on my die cutter. These ones were stencilled by an ad company for a spring exhibition in Japan. Since I'm not a scrapbooker and only cut geometric shapes and strips out of fabric, we are going to head out to the craft store to if there is an allover pattern die for paper to try. Hopefully, all my fabric afterwards doesn't end up smelling like seaweed...

Don't these exquisite images make you want to sew a black and white quilt? Perhaps with a few accents of yellow, orange and green?


  1. These are gorgeous designs! Good luck finding a way to cut them out.

    1. It will be quite the experiment! Am more interested in translating the patterns into fabric:)