Saturday, April 13, 2013

new TV show...

Thanks to the lovely garment sewing guru Ann, I have a new television show to watch. The "Great British Sewing Bee" airs in the UK but can be found easily through a search online. It is a reality show that attempts to find the best sewer in Britain. The format is similar to Project Runway. While I used to love PR it has become increasingly less about design or even technical skill and more about airing various personality disorders in the most unpleasant way possible. In each episode of GBSB, the contestants who range in age from their 20's to 80's perform fairly complex challenges. In the last episode (#2), they have to construct a men's pair of pants, embellish a ready-to-wear skirt and sew a shirt out of very slippery silk while working against the clock. The judges are truly knowledgeable. One is a Savile Row tailor and the other a college level construction instructor. While not the most dramatic show in the world, watching it is fun and informative. Here is a link for the first episode...


  1. It's a shame it's only on for four weeks. Have you found the Great British Bake Off. Another fab British tv show.

    1. I've heard it's great... I'll have to check it out. Does it make you crave baked goods?