Tuesday, August 28, 2012

quiltish... all the love in the world...

Since all my furniture is pushed into the middle of every room as we are having our windows replaced, making things is not on the agenda this week. I thought I would share the work of an inspiring artist from Australia. The quilt-like photo above is a collage of colorful images taken by Jesse Hunter. He is a Melbourne photographer who travelled the world and noticed a recurring theme of love hearts appearing in many of his shots. He is self-publishing a book of all these beautiful photos taken over a period of almost 2 years and in over 40 countries on all the continents. It is called "All The Love in the World". You can learn more about his wonderful work here...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new book...

I'm really excited to write about this upcoming book "Modern Designs for Classic Quilts" by authors Kelly Biscopink and the delightful Andie Johnson. Andie and I became friendly after participating in an online quilt contest. We both liked each other's entry and as it turns out each other quite a bit too. She is a super talented quilter with a huge heart and a quick wit to match. Her book is available for pre-order and promises to put a new spin on time-honored favorites. She has a fantastic eye so you know this book is going to be really good. Can't wait to see it!

Not sure if this quilt of A's is in the book. It is the best Spider Web quilt... You can see more of her work here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

bloggers bom #11

Here is block #11 from the Bloggers' BOM organized by Jackie. This beautiful split Ohio Star comes from Ms. Bumblebeans herself Victoria. I love this block and can see many possibilities for exploration with it... Like my others it is made from lots o' dots and KF scraps. May have to make this one over as my points are going to get chopped off slightly when the quilt is assembled. Have no idea where I went wrong but it was one of those sewing days when I couldn't do a thing right. It actually took me three tries to cut a simple 4" square out of one of the fabrics. I knocked the iron off the table and tripped over the dog. Anyone who lives near me will be pleased to know that I don't need to drive today. If this morning is any indication, operating a car does not seem like a good idea... All one can do is laugh!