Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a thousand "thank you"s...

A thousand "thank you"s to the divine Sujata for posting about this book "Bold Improvisation"!  Years ago, I was lucky enough to befriend an elderly textile collector who turned me on to African American quilts and I've been collecting books about them ever since. Funnily, it never occurred to me until relatively recently that I could become a quilter myself. Don't know how this book was missed. It is wonderful and teeming with beautiful quilts like this one...

and this one...

If you want to see two gorgeous interpretations of a Lighting Streak quilt, you must check out Sujata's blog and also an extraordinary version (widely coveted by all who see it) made by LeeAnn. This lovely book will make you want to create your own patchwork example of each and every quilt...


  1. I agree with you Sujata is divine and a super nice person too!
    I love the Gee's Bend quilts as well and need to add that book to my library.

  2. Don't have the pleasure of knowing her personally but her quilts are amazing and her taste in books is superb! The Gee's Bend is a must but so is "Signs and Symbols" by Maude Southwell as well as anything written by Carolyn Mazloomi and Eli Leon. Too many to mention!

  3. I too found this book recently and like you, I love it. So inspiring, and yes, I do want to make a lot of the quilts i have seen in there!! So glad you became a quilt too! xo

  4. I can't wait to see your interpretations of these quilts!

  5. I love that churn dash quilt in there too. I can literally replicate each one of them. The 'life ' these quilts have is so uniquely theirs.
    You are so sweet and kind to thank me where I have done really nothing but just shared what I love.

    1. Well I couldn't help but thank you for sharing such a gem!

  6. Your taste in quilt inspiration is so similar to mine. That churn dash quilt is my next favorite after "streak of lightening." Thank you for the mention. Someone is going to host a quilt-along for "streak of lightening" in a few weeks. I hope you'll make one!

  7. You often make the quilts I have in my head only yours are eons better!