Wednesday, May 16, 2012

color challenge #5... yellow...

This bright yellow also reminds me of the 80's. I wore a Stephen Sprouse tunic that was this color with bright orange, green and shocking pink accents. I also sported black leggings, shoulder pads and enormous hair from a spiral perm. Was very young and desperate to look sophisticated... These are the fabrics I added to my original yellow which is on the lower left. Always thought that warm and cool yellows did not look good together but making this block changed my mind.

At this time of year, the garden competes with the sewing machine. Must catch up and make the challenge orange and dusky blue blocks next!


  1. Were we separated at birth? I'm beginning to wonder.....

  2. Hey I'm honored to be your psychic twin!

  3. I wanna see pictures of the person with a spiral perm and leggings!

  4. Love those colors!!!
    Every time I see a picture of myself in shoulder pads, I shiver in horror. What were we thinking?
    My garden is calling me too!

    1. Thank's Kelly! What is worse is that my friend's 11 year old informed me that the 80's are back... I am not ready to be retro!!!