Monday, April 23, 2012

frieda anderson...

Last week I got to take a workshop with renowned fiber artist Frieda Anderson. I spent a day learning multiple methods of collage and raw edge fusing to create art quilts. Above are some of the design elements I made with her hand dyed fabric. Realized that I have issues with raw edge that I need to get over. Have got this weird concern about the durability of these methods which is silly because these pieces are not meant to be washed. After all, I don't worry about cleaning my prints or oil paintings. If you ask my husband he'll attest to the fact that I don't worry enough about cleaning anything... In any case, this was the class to confront these fears. I learned a ton. It was lots of fun to cut up gorgeous fabric and attach pieces together by iron on release paper with not a sewing machine in sight.

Of greatest interest to me was when Frieda explained how she achieves the colors in her hand dyed cottons and silks. Have dyed lots of wool in the past and mistakenly thought that cotton and other plant fibers were more difficult to color. Of course I bought her new book which shows you how to dye 72 swatches from just 3 dyes. I've got a whole bin of fabric rejects as well as yards of muslin that are going to become my experimental subjects. Will practice on cotton first and build up my nerve to try dyeing silk...


  1. Her fabrics are beautiful! Mary K.

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  3. ooh, pretty! i've never seen this book before. your patchwork is lovely.

    1. Thank you! I'll post lots of pics when I do some dyeing...