Saturday, March 17, 2012

never too old for fisher-price...

 Playing with my friend's 4 year old I became intrigued by one of his toys. It is called a Doodle Pro and it is a magnetic drawing tablet. It is kind of like an "Etch a Sketch" but instead of twiddling knobs to make a picture you use a stylus to actually draw. As my recent posts reveal, I am determined to learn how to quilt both by machine and by hand this year. All of the wisdom of the experts asserts that the best way to learn to machine quilt either free motion on a domestic or on a longarm frame is to doodle your design over and over so that your hands learn muscle memory. Have tried this and felt incredibly guilty about all the wasted paper. Enter the toy! With a simple slide an unwanted image disappears. I can experiment and practice to my heart's content then capture a shot of anything worth remembering or saving with my digital camera...

Needless to say: the next day after a visit to the local toy department, my very own Doodle Pro came home with me. These are my first attempts at continuous traditional feathers...


  1. Great idea! Thinking outside the box!!!

    1. Thank you! It is quite fun to play with and I hope the skill translates when I move to the machine.