Saturday, December 24, 2011

super fast and reversible christmas tree skirt tutorial...

This post is dedicated to all sewers who leave things to the last minute. You can whip this reversible Chistmas tree skirt up super fast.... I made mine in less than an afternoon.

Bought this great retro fabric called "Merry Moderns" by Alexander Henry over a year ago. I used about 3 yards of 2 coordinating prints. You need about a 1 yard or less of a colored solid for the trim. 
Cut a yard off each print and then cut this yard in half lengthwise. Sew these together to make a strip from each print and then add them to the 2 yard  pieces to make 2 larger squares. OR save yourself the hassle of piecing and use 2 yards of 2 home dec fabrics that are already 60" wide.To piece accurately, press a 1/2" seam allowance back and then match the pattern from the right side. Use regular gift wrapping tape to stabilize the fabric from the right side instead of pins. To sew just flip the fabric open and sew in the pressed crease of the seam allowance. You get a perfect pattern match every time!

Fold the 2 squares into quarters. Using a ruler and marking pen in the hole used for hanging (you could also use a string, pin and pen) pivot to mark a quarter circle. Cut off the waste.

To keep the skirt very drapey: instead of using batting, use spray adhesive to attach white flannel to one of the printed layers. 

Restack and fold everything into quarters again. Using a compass mark and cut a hole for the trunk of the tree. In my case, I cut a 5" radius to end up with a 10" hole when opened up.

Using a ruler cut a straight line from the outer edge to the inner opening.

Using a glass round the 4 corners at the top and bottom.

Cut 1" strips from the solid join them and then press them in half. (If I were making this again I might cut them 1 1/4" inch or so as the bias in the fabric made the binding narrow a bit as I pressed it).

Sandwich the solid binding in between the fabric layers leaving a 5" tail. Pin everything together with right sides together for the prints and all the raw edges matching.

Along one of the straight edges and leaving a 5" tail, sew with a 1/4" seam allowance in one continuous seam until you end up back to the beginning. Stop leaving a 6" opening.

The solid fabric looks like piping between the 2 prints. Turn the whole thing through the unsewn opening to the right side and then give the edge a quick press.

Join the solid fabric ends neatly, fold back the seam allowances and then sew the opening closed from the right side. You are finished!

I chose not to quilt the skirt but you can. I may tie mine off with white embroidery floss in little bows after the holidays. Am not sure if it needs it. To those who celebrate the holiday... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. What groovy Christmas fabrics!!!Love that ! quick and cute! merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank you! The tree definitely looks better with the skirt instead of the usual crumpled white sheet wound around the base that I pretend looks like snow... Merry Christmas!

  3. Love it!!..want to buy it (or steal it in a rather "grinchy" like manner!)..ok, commission you to make one for a sad/non sewer..fabric rocks too.

  4. Thanks E... It would be a good beginner project if you want to learn!? Merry Christmas!

  5. Clever girl! I have some of this fabric - haven't known what to do with it...'til now!