Sunday, November 20, 2011

finished top...

Boy the things I've learned making this charity quilt! When learning a new technique and the author says to buy symmetrically striped fabric... Buy the fabric. Do not make your own... If you make your own striped fabric your quilt will look nothing like you intended. Although not an unpleasant result, you may have inadvertently invented something new (at least to you). Also if you want to make a bunch of longarmers giggle hysterically ask them if they have time to quilt something 5 weeks before Christmas. Therefore, the quilting will be rudimentary as I will be doing it and since I am not as brave as Lynne it will consist mainly of straight lines. Then off to BASICS in NYC this will go...


  1. What a wonderful Charity quilt! You did a great job Susannah, and I wish I was going to NY because our oldest son is going to school in Manhatten and I miss him!

  2. This is wonderful! So much going on.

  3. Thanks Carla... Hopefully not too much!