Monday, October 24, 2011

photo challenge...

Am a great admirer of Julia Wood. She is a gracious personage in the blogosphere and a superb quilter. A couple of years ago she wrote the book pictured above. While in painting I'm not attracted to hyper realism I am quite fascinated by it in fiber arts. Think it is the technical challenge that is so appealing. Julia's book is one of the most simple and succinct that describes how to turn a photo into an applique quilt. You can see examples of her own work here (scroll down to April 13th and click to enlarge). Am toying with the idea of turning an image of these two into fabric.

On the left is Edith aka QuiltDog who is a supportive and nurturing companion in the studio and on the right BOH aka Beloved Other Half who while also a supportive and nurturing companion is more often found away from us on a film set. Sadly, he may get edited out as am a bit nervous about doing a person. Apart from in JW's work the human eye can look kind of spooky in fabric form in other quilts that I've seen of this kind. Am also realizing on many levels for many different reasons that I need to improve my photography skills. Have any of you made a photo figurative quilt? How did it turn out? Any tips would be most appreciated...

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  1. Have tried to make a pictorial quilt of my son. Getting the face right is hard!