Saturday, August 13, 2011

too beautiful to touch...

My latest Farmer's Wife Quilt Along blocks would be posted today if there were actually more than one new one recently sewn to show. Part of my trouble (at least that is my excuse) has been that while there are lots of Kaffe scraps in my studio there has been a dearth of a range of solids for this project. Two Kona Basics Boxes of Lights and Darks arrived. They are so lovely just as they are. It will take some nerve for me to cut into them. Have the Kaufman solids swatch card but the samples are a bit small and I often make mistakes ordering online when my local stores don't carry the needed color. This collection of FQs will act as a sort of sample library until my scissors, rotary blade or cutter get too itchy... For the FW quilt  they will get nibbled at like a mouse on cheese. I'd also love to try to make a Mod Mood Quilt inspired by Sherri Lynn Wood... Check out her tutorials. Do you ever find it difficult to cut into your fabric? If so, how do you get over it?


  1. Those Kona's will be PURRFECT for your mod mood quilt.

  2. Thanks Sherri... Welcome! I may need more stormy colors to make one of your Mood Quilts!

  3. Don't be afraid of stormy colors. They will look awesome in your quilt. You may be surprised by the glimmers of silver lining and bright colors that might be waiting under the wings. My experience is that emotions are surprisingly varied when we take the time to be with them.