Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shoes for fabric lovers...

Have fallen in love and not with a new man! Came across this website for an Icelandic store KronKron which sells the most extraordinary clothing and accessories. The owners Hugrun and Magni also design their own shoe line. I love these shoes because they are a bit "off" or "belle laide" as the French say which means "ugly beautiful". Would love to wear head to toe black with an assortment of these shoes as foot candy. They are so colorful, playful and even joyous... Apparently, Anthropologie also carries a few styles of this line... We spend so much time creating colorful pieces to adorn our furniture, walls and torsos... Why do we neglect our feet???


  1. Love 'em! Back in the late 80's I liked to recover my shoes with Tacky Glue and funky fabrics.

  2. Great idea and probably far less expensive!!! Ah the 80's...