Monday, August 29, 2011

on Cloud 9...

Am thrilled to be part of the Cloud 9 Fabrics Challenge. Pat Sloan (who I am now convinced never sleeps) has joined Victoria to help with her ongoing Bumble Beans Basics Quilt Drive. The drives aids a charity that helps people in transitional housing from homelessness in NYC. Twelve participants are designing a quilt block using eight 9"x11" pieces of fabric from Cloud 9's Miscellany collection by Julia Rothman.  You can read more about this artist at Design Sponge. Am particularly excited because I am a huge fan of Julia R's work. She also runs one of my favorite blogs Book By Its Cover which features the most wonderful illustrations by herself and other artists. Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates from this lovely fabric. I am also making a quilt to donate to the Basics cause which I'll show at a later date....

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  1. I do enjoy your blog--beautiful fabrics and textile projects--and oh, those shoes! Looks like the FW quilt is a l-o-n-g-term project! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    best, nadia