Sunday, August 21, 2011

farmer's wife update...

Have decided to do things differently... Made up a diagram of the finished quilt in 1/4 scale and printed out a physical copy. I found the layout too small to just view digitally on the computer. As I finish each block am printing out a picture and taping it to my mock up. Am sewing 3 blocks with each solid at a time. Also I decided to make the blocks out of order. These decisions simplify balancing all the colors in the top. This method also seems my best shot at liking the finished quilt although it looks yucky at the beginning stages with such a limited palette. It is a less intuitive way of working than I enjoy but it was taking too much time choosing blindly before. Am hoping these changes to my process help me speed up considerably. Am somewhat concerned that I will be posting these FW updates several years from now if I can't streamline the way I complete this project.... Any other suggestions for picking up the pace?

Below are Blocks 72 and 2:

Below are Blocks 42 and 51...


  1. Honestly, I think the pace is a huge part of the challenge. It's kinda painstaking, really. I'm impressed you've gotten those 4 done! Great idea with the "mock up" pics. I think it's a great way to make sure the composition of the finished quilt is good.

  2. Thanks for the cheerleading Andie! You are right. It is really testing my self discipline. May learn a lot finishing this quilt Are you sewing this too?

  3. I too am starting the Farmers Wife. I have found that if you select your fabrics for say four blocks ahead of time the blocks can be done in short order another day. I paper piece the ones that can be done that way. I will also be doing the BOM at Canton Village Quilt Works.